One of the most exciting ways to give a room a distinct edge is by using a bohemian interior design. If you have seen a space which has a bohemian twist, you will know that it’s about textures, patterns and a rich exploration of visual interests. Rooms that are designed this way stand out in comparison to the minimalist aesthetic which has been popular. This is not necessarily a situation where less is more. We absolutely love that it gives individuals a chance to be expressive and creative with the space they are designing. It is no wonder that this look is coming back with a bang.

Unique Textures and Layers
A successful bohemian interior design will not be too far away from other looks such as shabby chic. However, there is a lively edge to the boho vibe which separates it from the rest. Although it is essentially a style which favours maximalism, you will need to be judicious in your selection process, so that the room has coherence. This can be done by selecting a thematic colour which grounds the whole look. We have carried this out by playing with terracotta, browns, golds, oranges and metallic textures. Think about using accessories which are made of natural, almost rustic materials. This will give you a great base to work off.

How to Achieve That Unconventional Chic
Part of the meaning of ‘bohemian’, whether we are speaking of a person or a room style, is to do with unconventionality. It is all about those kinds of looks which don’t fit into a template. This leads to an interesting conundrum. How do you go about learning how to get an interior design style right, if the style is all about not fitting into customs? Well, our collection should be able to fire up your imagination. At Inspirations Wholesale, we have a fantastic collection of home accessories that could all be put to use to hit the bohemian mark.