We are fans of mango wood. Not only for its stunning look but also for the way in which it provides you with a more sustainable option than many other hardwoods. We have a delightful collection of finely crafted mango wood furniture and home accessories to explore. So you are in the right place if you do develop a passion for mango wood like we have! Let’s take a look what those feel good benefits are…

Mango wood comes from mango trees – which primarily grow in India. Countries such as China and Kenya however also cultivate mango trees. Of course, as well as yielding wood which is great for making furniture, mango wood also produces that most delicious of fruits: the mango!

Why is it Eco-Friendly?

So, why is mango wood considered more eco-friendly than many other woods? Well, the sustainability of mango trees comes thanks to the fact that the trees grow relatively quickly for a hardwood. It is much faster than oak for instance. They reach maturity after only about 10 – 15 years, at which point they stop growing fruit. After this, the wood from the trees can then be used for furniture and other home accessories. Mango fruit farmers plant new trees every 7 – 15 years, so when the older trees have stopped producing fruit, they are cut down and new ones take their place. And the cycle continues. So, it’s a useful by-product of the mango fruit farming process, as the trees would be cut down anyway.

Strong and Durable

This level of sustainability of course would not mean much if the wood did not also have great characteristics for making furniture and home accessories. But luckily, mango wood is an excellent choice thanks to its strong, durable, hardwood qualities. Mango wood has a similar level of durability that you would expect from other hardwoods such as ash and oak.